The Proof is in the … Sides!

Chef Brett Vibber

Chef Brett Vibber

A great chef not only knows what pairs well with his or her creations, they add layers of heavenly temptation and morsels of luscious surprise that leave you no other option than to close your eyes and indulge each of your remaining senses with the experience.

Every day, our guests experience this kind of bliss thanks to the talent and skill of Cartwright’s Chef Brett Vibber. His quest for culinary greatness took him to Italy, Panama City, Chicago, Marina del Rey, Tucson and Scottsdale before he decided to kick off his boots in Cave Creek.

Here, he’s found the perfect match: the laid-back, timeless beauty of our desert oasis, and love for the vibrancy of the people and flavors that Cartwright’s has built its reputation on.

We’re happy to feature Chef Brett’s talents. What’s more, we’re not like other steakhouses (but you knew that). We don’t charge extra for side dishes, and we don’t leave you wanting with just a slab of meat and a sprig of parsley on an otherwise barren plate. Instead, we treat you like we’d treat our most loved relatives, with genuine smiles, pride in our service and selection, and plates piled high with all of the value and deliciousness guests from around the world have come to appreciate from us.

Our juicy tenderloin filets, for example, are paired with pillows of house-made raviolis stuffed with hand-picked herbs, potatoes, and freshly roasted corn, then covered with a trail of silky smoked Gorgonzola and leek fondue. Every bite is full of richness and a balance of zest and creaminess. Roasted spaghetti squash dulcified with sweet honey vinegar onions adds a soft crunch and tartness to the best-paired tenderloin you will ever taste!

Click the dough below to see how our chef hand makes each ravioli.

Our 12-ounce or 22-ounce rib eyes, beautifully marbled and dripping with succulent juices, are paired with a most extraordinary Sonoran puebla mole demi glace—reduced beef stock infused with a house-made mole sauce carefully crafted from dried chilies, seeds and spices. Add to it the piquant flavors of Anaheim chili and potato relleno, and a mesquite grilled and chilled calabacitas salad, and you’ve got a surprise burst of layered tastes pulled right out of the most delicious annuls of our pioneer history.


Fire roasting Anaheim chilies


Potato & Cheese Relleno


12-oz Cowboy rib eye or 22 oz. Bone-In Rib Eye Served with Puebla mole demi glace, Anaheim chili & potato relleno, mesquite grilled & chilled calabacitas salad

One of the most distinctive aspects of Southwestern hospitality is recognizing that our guests come from near and far. We’ve gleaned a few favorites from our Midwestern and West Coast friends along the way, poring through recipes and adding our own flair to family favorites. Pierogies, Eastern European pastry puffs filled with savory ingredients, are a taste of home for many of our regular guests. We stuff them with potato and fresh farmer’s cheese, then pair them with perfectly crisped Polish kielbasa, warm caramelized onions, house-made kraut and a drizzle of brown butter.


Pierogies: Stuffed with potato & farmer’s cheese, Polish kielbasa, caramelized onions, house-made kraut, brown butter

At Cartwright’s, no detail is too small. You’ll find the impeccable attention that you’d expect in a warm welcome home, from each hand-selected cut of meat to every carefully paired side dish—and the value to boot.

So join us at the ranch! Our doors are open, our smiles are warm, and our food is the best in the West!

Cartwright’s is open nightly  from 4:30 – 9 p.m.
Happy Hour is from 4-6 p.m. at the mesquite bar!

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