Something’s New in our Kitchen!


Chef Brett Vibber is carrying on the tradition here at Cartwright's - in a new and wonderful way!

Chef Brett Vibber is carrying on the tradition here at Cartwright’s – in a new and wonderful way!

You may notice something a little … different here at Cartwright’s lately! Sure, we’ve still got some of the best food in town, and there’s nowhere else quite like us when it comes to authentic Sonoran ranch house ambiance, but there’s something else, too!

When award-winning chef Montez Crane made the decision to return to the east coast where home fires were burning, many of our regulars were concerned that things would change. To diners’ pleasant surprise, Chef Brett Vibber has not only picked up the torch, but he’s brought new passion and zeal to our Cartwright’s kitchen.

There are a lot of chefs who can make good food, but Chef Vibber gets it. He knows instinctively how to create that experience in a way that is not only good, it’s passion that comes naturally.

For Vibber’s part, he’s been an avid study of worldwide cuisine, including at distinguished restaurants like Roka Akor in Scottsdale and Chicago, Dove Mountain Grill in Marana, VU in Marina del Rey, California and over 20 restaurants abroad, including Rome and Spoleto, Italy and Panama City, Panama. For this down-home cowboy, returning to the Valley of the Sun brings him full-circle and allows him to infuse his wide lens of flavors and methods into Cartwright’s already impressive menu.


It’s also where he wants to be. “I could not be happier,” says the chef, whose own ranching background brings authenticity to his work. “Cartwright’s is the perfect fit for me personally and professionally. I am an Arizona native, gone for 13 years and moving back to showcase my travels and experiences. I grew up in this area camping, backpacking, fishing, etc. I am an Arizona history buff if you will, I take great pride in knowing the history of my state and what we have to offer the food world.”

We are proud to showcase Chef Vibber’s creations. We have always taken great pride in our service and selection, but even more importantly, it’s the people – from our chefs to our wait staff to our hostesses and bartenders – who make Cartwright’s special. Everyone here is a part of a tradition that started long before we opened our doors, and hopefully, because of our passion for what we do, it will be something people remember for a very long time. We are excited Chef Vibber has joined our team and will help us to continue to share the history and heritage for years to come.


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